Lovely Lingerie, Woodbridge


At Lovely Lingerie we are well known for the quality of our luxurious and extensive selection of lingerie, and swimwear for men and women. Our staff takes pride and are expertly trained in the art of bra fitting. We are committed to offering personalized service with premium lingerie and swimwear from the worlds very best. 

The Perfect Fit
A woman's body changes several times in her life. This is mainly due to fluctuations in weight, diet, pregnancy, medication, and sport. At Lovely Lingerie we recommend that our customers be properly fitted every 6 months. It has been established that 80% of women who visit us for the first time are wearing the wrong size. We offer over 100 bra sizes (28AA to 58N cup). 

Let us help you accentuate your shape and figure and minimize your insecurities with a personal, professional fitting.

We find over and over again that having been fitted in the right size; our customers can't believe the difference and leave feeling like a new woman! 

You should feel comfortable in your bra all day everyday. This will increase your confidence because you know that you are wearing a bra which not only fits perfectly, but also beautifully enhances your shape and figure. 

At LOVELY LINGERIE we pride ourselves on our customer service. We want you to enjoy the perfect experience every time you shop with us.