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'The Perfect Fit'

An ill-fitting bra has a negative impact on your entire look. The straps can dig in, a back that's too loose can ride up, cups can either be too big or too small, you feel and look uncomfortable. Perfectly fitting lingerie gives you a better shape and completes your whole look. Perfectly fitting lingerie enhances a woman's natural beauty. 

How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?  
The frame and sides should lie smoothly without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without wrinkling. If that happens, try a smaller cup size. If the cups are cutting into the breast tissue, opt for a larger cup size. The breasts should fill the cups without overflowing.

How often should I be fitted for a bra?  
Twice a year. The average woman will wear six different bra sizes in her lifetime due to life changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, weight fluctuations, the effects of the birth control pill and other transitions.

I have larger-sized breasts. What kind of bra is best for me?
Women with larger breasts should wear under wire bras, as they help support the shoulders and back. It's also important that the cup fits properly.  

I have very small breasts and usually don't wear a bra. Is that a good idea?
It is always advisable to wear a bra, as over time, gravity affects even smaller breasts. Wearing a bra prevents the breasts from spreading to the sides, which causes widening between them. Wearing a bra also makes clothes look and fit better.

What range of cup size does Lovely Lingerie carry?
28AA through 58N.

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