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How long after my surgery will I be ready to wear a breast form and bra?
Usually, 9 to 12 weeks after your operation.

What do I wear prior to the breast form, immediately post surgery?
A special camisole containing pockets and a special lounge pad can be worn to give you the proper contours and shape.

What is a breast form?
It is something worn externally that resembles the appearance, feel and weight of a breast. It returns symmetry to your appearance and gives a big boost to your self-confidence. It also restores the physical balance needed to avoid neck and back pain and prevent any possible curving of the spine. Breast forms also prevent your shoulder from turning in, which sometimes occurs post-operatively.

What is the form made of?
Most forms are made of silicone gel; others are made of foam. The prothesis is selected by our certified fitters at Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge, the prosthesis is to be the same size and weight of your remaining breast.

Is the silicone form made of the same material found in breast implants?
No. External prostheses are not liquid, as implants are. If, in the rare instance an external form tears, the silicone will not hurt your skin or body since it cannot be absorbed through your skin.

Will people notice I am wearing a breast form? What if it slips?
That is where expert fitting comes in. A proper-fitting form has the same weight, feel and look of your other breast. The pocket in the post-surgical bra holds the breast form securely in place. Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge products are superior in quality, which also helps prevent slippage and eliminate discomfort.

What is a certified fitter? What is this type of fitter able to do that regular fitters cannot? 
Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge certified fitters understand post-surgical women's special needs and have special training and experience fitting all women, no matter what type of breast surgery they have had.

Can I wear my breast form when I swim?
A silicone form can be worn while swimming and the chlorine and salt water of a pool or ocean won't damage it. It's important to clean and dry the forms after swimming.

Is a breast form uncomfortable?
No. Your new form fits snugly into your properly fitted bra and offers maximum comfort. We can help you look the same as you did before your surgery.

I understand breast forms come in different weights. How do I know what is best for me?
Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge certified fitters are trained in selecting the breast form that is appropriate for your body type.

How do I clean my breast form?
Use warm water and mild soap, and gently dry your breast form. Take care to ensure you do not puncture your form with jewelry or pins. To protect and maintain the shape of your breast form, always store it back in its cradle.

How long do breast forms last?
Forms are guaranteed for two years as long as they are properly cared for. Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge keeps dated computer records of each purchase.

Will a breast form prevent me from participating in certain activities and sports?
Breast forms should not impede you in any way. You can insert them in a regular bra or a sports bra and you will be able to participate in any activities you choose.

How do post-surgical garments such as camisoles differ from regular ones?
Post-surgical camisoles have pockets to hold your new soft forms in place.

I have just had a double mastectomy. What should I do in terms of post-surgery garments?
With the help of a certified fitter, you can choose your bra size. It can be different from your pre-surgery size, and your Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge fitter will help you choose the most appropriate size based on your body's proportions.

I have just had a lumpectomy. What type of form should I choose?
Lovely Lingerie Woodbridge fitters will help you choose a silicone shell to cover the cavity remaining after surgery and give your breast the proper contours.

More Questions? 
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